El Fanadir North

El Fanadir North

Dive Site Overview

Depth: 12 - 40 M Diffculty: Beginner Type: Drift dive , Reef

Discover the enchanting underwater realm of Fanadir North dive site, a jewel nestled in the azure waters of Hurghada.

As you descend into its depths, prepare to be captivated by a symphony of marine life and breathtaking vistas that define this remarkable dive spot.

Situated along the northern coast of Hurghada, Fanadir North dive site is a captivating underwater haven awaiting exploration.

Just an hour's boat ride from Hurghada's shores, this dive spot promises an unforgettable aquatic adventure.

Depth and Conditions:

Fanadir North offers a diverse underwater landscape suitable for all levels of divers. The reef wall, extending to depths of up to 12 meters, gradually leads to a plateau that stretches to 20 meters.

As you venture deeper, a breathtaking drop-off descends to depths beyond 40 meters.

Conditions here are favourable for a range of diving experiences, whether you're capturing the intricate details of marine life through macro-photography or embarking on a thrilling drift dive.

What do you expect to see here

Prepare to be enthralled by the vibrant marine life and captivating sights that adorn Fanadir North:

  • Reef Wall Delights: The reef wall is a living canvas adorned with vibrant corals, providing a backdrop for an array of marine inhabitants.
    Camouflaged octopuses are a common sight, and the cracks and crevices of the wall harbour a wealth of marine wonders waiting to be discovered.
  • Cleaning Station Spectacle: A prominent coral block acts as a bustling cleaning station. Watch in awe as marine species gather for a delicate dance of interaction.
    Moray eels, schooling goatfish, and graceful sweetlips create a mesmerizing display.
  • Intriguing Residents: Delve into the mysteries of Fanadir North and encounter rare and unique creatures. The enigmatic trunkfish, a member of the boxfish family, makes appearances with its peculiar triangular shape.
    Elusive frogfish sightings have also been reported, adding to the allure of this dive site.

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Immerse yourself in the enchanting depths of Fanadir North dive site. Whether you're a novice diver or a seasoned enthusiast, Fanadir North promises an unforgettable journey.

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