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Where can you find us ?

Our own boat “Basyl” is moored in a private marina, in the new centre of Hurghada on the Villageroad or "Numsha". Viewed from the sea, that is just about in the middle of Hurghada.

This central location is ideal to access the Northern (off the coast of El Gouna) as well as the southern (off the coast of Sahl Hasheesh) dive sites of Hurghada.
You can reach the marina via a private road, diagonally opposite the office of Egyptair and just before the Grand Hotel.

The hotels close to our marine are: Grand Resort, Grand Hotel, White Albatros Beach hotel , Giftun hotel, Siva Grand Beach, Sindbad Aqua hotel, Steigenberger Al Dau Beach , Hilton Resort, Grand Plaza, Beach Albatros/Albatros Palace, Ali Baba, Aladin, Marriott,...

Our office is located in Dahar, in front of the Public Beach and close to the Hilton Plaza hotel.
Not all hotels are listed above.

We provide all transfers in Hurghada for free with our own experienced and safe drivers. For a small extra fee we can come to pick you up in Sahl Hasheesh, Makadi and El Gouna.

Hurghada = guaranteed sunshine – all year round !

Hurghada, or "Al Ghardaka" in Arabic, was up to the beginning of the last century a remote Egyptian fishing village. In the late 1960s divers discovered the beautiful coral reefs and the very varied marine life of the Red Sea.The fame of Hurghada spread rapidly, not only among divers but also to lovers of sun, sea and sand. Today Hurghada is one of the most popular seaside resorts of Egypt that attracts visitors from all over the world.The elongated stretch of coast offers almost 30 km of beaches where you can practice all water sports, or just to enjoy the sun and the sea.Hurghada is split into 2 parts:Sekalla-the new city centre with cosy cafes and restaurants. Here you will find "the New Marina", the newly built port. There is also a new shopping centre, with Western clothing stores that are open from early morning to midnight. Dahar-the old town centre, and also the most authentic part. Here you can wander around for hours in the souks with their typical small shops.The seaside resort of Hurghada has a desert climate with minimal rainfall, plentiful sunshine and a pleasant sea breeze. If you want to be assured of nice weather, centuries-old cultural heritage and a breath-taking underwater world, then a holiday to Hurghada is the best choice!

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The Red Sea

The Red Sea is the most beautiful aquarium in the world.

Commander Cousteau.

A fair and wise judgment. Once you submerge your head in the crystal clear, warm water , you become overwhelmed by the beautiful and colourful reefs with their wide variety of hard and soft corals. They are home to more than 500 species of fish and many other sea creatures including nudibranchs, shrimps, turtles, rays and dolphins.

In Hurghada that ‘blue paradise’ is present for snorkelers and both novice and experienced divers. At Blue Paradise we add some additional ingredients, so you really feel like being in a blue paradise.

The Red Sea is an elongated inland sea (1118 miles in length) located between Asia and Africa. This sea is nowhere wider than 223 miles and runs in the North into two narrow bays: the deep Gulf of Aqaba and the much shallower Gulf of Suez. In the South it flows into the Gulf of Aden, an offshoot of the Indian Ocean. The Red Sea is bordered to the North by Israel and Jordan, in the East to Saudi Arabia and in the West to Eritrea, Sudan and Egypt.

Why is the "Red Sea” so called?
There are several theories. Some say that the name derived from the water reflections of the nearby red granite mountains. Others claim that the name Red Sea refers to the ' red tide ' of the plankton bloom. The Red Sea has one of the highest salinities of all open seas (over 4%).