Dive Sites

Dive Sites

Hurghada, a gem on the shores of the Red Sea, stands proudly as one of the world's finest tourist destinations.

With its breathtaking landscapes, year-round sunny weather, and a rich marine world beneath the surface, it's no wonder that Hurghada is a haven for those seeking adventure, relaxation, and unparalleled underwater experiences.

Set along Egypt's eastern coastline, Hurghada's fame has soared, attracting tourists from across the globe.

Its idyllic beaches, world-class resorts, vibrant nightlife, and, of course, its enchanting underwater world make it a standout destination.

Beneath the sparkling waters, an aquatic kingdom awaits exploration, luring divers and snorkelers into its mesmerizing depths.
The Dive Sites of Hurghada: A World Below the Waves
The Red Sea, renowned for its rich marine life, is home to a remarkable collection of dive sites, and Hurghada serves as the gateway to this underwater treasure trove.

With its location, pristine waters, and favorable climate, Hurghada offers divers a splendid array of underwater realms, each with its unique charm.
Best Dive Sites in Hurghada
Sha'ab El Erg: Known for its vibrant coral gardens, this site features strikingly beautiful seascapes, alive with colorful fish and corals. Keep an eye out for the resident dolphins that frequently grace divers with their presence.

Ras Disha: A sanctuary for macro-fans, Ras Disha teems with fascinating marine creatures. The coral garden here is a sight to behold, and the encounter with schools of fish is an experience of a lifetime.

Giannis D Wreck: An iconic wreck dive, the Giannis D lies in two pieces, creating an eerie yet captivating atmosphere. Divers can explore the bow, stern, and amidships, offering various underwater treasures to discover.

Abu Nuhas Wrecks: A true wreck diver's delight, Abu Nuhas boasts several sunken ships. The Carnatic, the Chrisoula K, the Kimon M, and the Seastar are fascinating wrecks with intriguing histories waiting to be unveiled.

El Fanadir: This site is a playground for divers of all levels. With gentle currents and shallow depths, it's an excellent spot for beginner divers to witness the diverse marine life, including various fish species and coral formations.

Small Giftun Island: This site offers a kaleidoscope of marine life and colorful corals. Currents here can be strong, making it an ideal place for drift diving.

Umm Gamar: Known for its vibrant soft coral gardens, Umm Gamar is a prime location to spot large pelagic species, including barracuda and eagle rays.

Carless Reef: A dramatic submerged pinnacle, this site features towering coral formations and attracts pelagic fish, making it a favorite for advanced divers.
Dive into the Blue Paradise
When you choose Hurghada for your diving adventure, you're opting for a world of enchantment beneath the waves.

The dive sites in Hurghada are as varied as they are beautiful, offering an array of experiences for divers of all levels.

So, gear up, take the plunge, and let the wonders of the Red Sea reveal themselves to you.

Blue Paradise Dive Center in Hurghada is your gateway to this aquatic haven, where our experienced team will guide you through the enchanting world that lies beneath.

Best Dive sites in Hurghada

Best Dive sites for Scuba Diving in Hurghada

Marsa Abu Galawa

18-35 m dive type Big fish Deep dive Shallow

Discover the beauty of Marsa Abu Galawa Dive Site in Hurghada. Explore diverse marine life and stunning underwater landscapes with Blue Paradise. Read more

Turtle Bay

5-25 m dive type Shallow

Discover Turtle Bay Dive Site in Hurghada with Blue Paradise. Dive into the beauty of the underwater world. Book now for an unforgettable experience! Read more

Giannis D Wreck

6-28 m dive type Big fish Wreck Reef

Discover the fascinating Giannis D wreck in Hurghada. An iconic dive spot resting in the Red Sea. Explore its history and underwater allure with Blue Paradise. Read more

Ras Disha

9 - 18 m m dive type

Dive into the wonders of Ras Disha in Hurghada. Explore marine life and captivating drop-offs. Join Blue Paradise for an unforgettable underwater experience. Read more

Umm Gamar

12-40 m dive type Big fish Cave Deep dive Drift dive Reef wall Reef Island Drop off dolphins

Explore the mesmerizing Umm Gamar Dive Site in Hurghada's azure waters. Immerse yourself in vibrant corals, diverse marine life, and captivating depths. Read more

Carless Reef

12-40 m dive type Big fish Deep dive Drift dive Reef garden Sharks Reef Drop off coral garden Corals Pinnacles Channel

Dive into the vibrant world of Careless Reef in Hurghada. Encounter friendly moray eels, sharks, turtles, and more. Join us at Blue Paradise Dive Center Read more

El Fanadir North

12 - 40 m dive type Drift dive Reef

Explore the wonders of Fanadir North Dive Site in Hurghada with Blue Paradise. Immerse yourself in vibrant marine life and captivating underwater scenery. Read more

Shaab Abu Nugar

9 - 14 m dive type Drift dive Reef garden Shallow Reef dolphins coral garden

Discover the wonders of Shaab Abu Nugar in Hurghada. Pristine reefs, diverse marine life, and unforgettable dives await. Join us at Blue Paradise Dive Center. Read more

Hebat Allah Wreck

27 - 47 m dive type Big fish Deep dive Wreck

Hebat Allah Wreck in Hurghada offers a unique diving experience with its intriguing history and diverse marine life. Explore its depths with Blue Paradise. Read more

Erg Sabina

10 - 12 m dive type Shallow Reef coral garden Corals Pinnacles

Discover a vibrant underwater world at Erg Sabina Dive site in Hurghada, where thriving marine life and stunning corals create an unforgettable dive experience. Read more