Hebat Allah Wreck

Hebat Allah Wreck

Dive Site Overview

Depth: 27 - 47 M Diffculty: Intermediate Type: Big fish , Deep dive , Wreck

Discover the intriguing story of the Hebat Allah Wreck, an intentionally sunk cargo ship that has become a unique diving spot off the coast of Hurghada. Immerse yourself in its history and vibrant marine life with Blue Paradise.

The Hebat Allah, a former cargo ship of 44.5 meters in length, was transformed into an artificial reef in 2004.
Originally built in France in 1985, it now rests between Giftun Island and Gota Abu Ramada, providing an alternate diving experience in the Red Sea.


Intentionally sunk by the Red Sea Diving Association, the Egyptian Navy, and the Red Sea Governor, the Hebat Allah was aimed to alleviate the pressure on popular dive sites.

Purchased from its owner, this ship carried history and was prepared for its new role meticulously, ensuring the removal of all harmful substances.

Depth and Conditions:

The Hebat Allah Wreck offers divers an intriguing underwater adventure. Resting upright on a sandy seabed at 47 meters depth, the ship's superstructure and cargo hold provide fascinating exploration opportunities.

While the depth may suit technical divers, its open areas and accessible sections welcome those with varying certification levels.

What do you expect to see here

Despite its recent transformation, the Hebat Allah Wreck has already become a canvas for corals and aquatic life.

Colonized by vibrant corals and adorned by various marine species, this wreck offers a mesmerizing spectacle for divers seeking a unique encounter beneath the waves.

  • Explore the upright shipwreck, with its highest point at 25 meters and the rear end at 46 meters.
  • Marvel at the corals that have started to adorn the ship, attracting a variety of underwater species.
  • Visit the pilothouse and the empty cargo hold, offering a glimpse into the ship's history and interior.

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