Wreck Diving

Wreck Diving in Hurghada

During the day trip is possible to make a wreck dive . Hurghada itself there are several
wrecks : MS Balena, El Mina, Suzanna and M / Y Hebat Allah.


calendar icon Built: 1952
calendar icon Average depth: 9
Length: 40
calendar icon Sunk: 2001

Discover the enchanting wreck of MS Balena with Blue Paradise Diving Center! Once a mail and cargo ship turned liveaboard, she now rests gracefully near our marina, perfect for a thrilling third dive. On the way back to our marina you are dropped above the wreck, guided by our knowledgeable dive guides. Our boat docks in the marina and about 50 min later the tender comes to pick you up to bring you back to our boat in the marina. This steel vessel sank following a mysterious fire on April 12th 2001. She is lying upright and leaning slightly to her starboard side. The shallow water makes the Balena a perfect afternoon dive. Although she has only been down for a short time, she is already covered with vibrant soft corals and bustling with marine life. There is a remarkable diversity of marine life to be found. Juveniles, such as a yellow boxfish, blue spotted stingrays, scorpionfish, longfin batfish, angelfish, yellowtail barracuda shelter in and around her, earning her the title of the area's nursery. With a bit of luck you can see a crested velvet fish around the rudder. Carefully scan around the wreck to find spotted shrimpfish. Everywhere there are huge and colorful slugs. The rounded structure of the stern sparkling in the sunlight is breathtaking. Don't forget your camera on this dive.

El MINA Wreck

calendar icon Built: 1958
calendar icon Average depth: min 19m, max 32m
Length: 70m
calendar icon Sunk: 1970

In 1970, El Mina, an Egyptian minesweeper, fell victim to two Israeli fighter planes. The fatal impact of the first rocket caused it to roll onto its side, disappearing beneath the surface, soon after being machine-gunned. Serving 65 crew members and armed with four cannons, two machine guns, and 32 mines, it now rests east of Hurghada Harbor.

Measuring 70 meters in length, the wreck offers a captivating dive for certified divers. It lies on its left side on a rocky seabed with depths ranging from 19 to 32 meters, making it ideal for exploration.
There is often a strong surface current but it usually subsides as you descend. As you descend and the silhouette of the wreck emerges, the sight is nothing short of breathtaking. The blast-hole area, though suitable for penetration, requires caution due to sharp debris. The schools of Glassfish circling the wreck, create a phenomenal underwater scene. The aft section is bristling with winches and anti-aircraft guns whilst the fore-deck guns have been sheared off. The surrounding hull is perforated with bullet holes from the fighter plane’s machine guns. The deck has winches and cable rolls and torpedo-like mine sweeping devices. Explore and have a look under the flukes of the anchor. It harbors a thicket of black urchins amongst whose spines lurk several cleaner shrimps.

It is advisable to take your diving light with you so that you can illuminate the wreck inside and bring out the colors of the marine life.
Blue Paradise Diving Center offers expert guidance and organizes dives to this iconic wreck, providing a memorable experience for all diving enthusiasts.
For those who want more, this is an ideal training ground for the SSI and PADI Wreck or Nitrox specialty courses.