Giannis D Wreck

Giannis D Wreck

Dive Site Overview

Depth: 6-28 M Diffculty: Intermediate Type: Big fish , Wreck , Reef

The Giannis D, a legendary shipwreck nestled in the Red Sea, has captured the imaginations of divers worldwide.
This iconic wreck boasts a rich history, adding to its allure as a captivating dive site.

In the spring of 1983, the Giannis D embarked on its final voyage from Rijeka, Croatia, loaded with sawn timber intended for Saudi Arabia and Yemen.
While making good time through the Mediterranean and the Suez Canal, an unexpected turn of events led to the ship's dramatic grounding on the northwest corner of Sha’ab Abu Nuhas Reef.

The crew had no choice but to abandon the vessel, which eventually succumbed to the elements.

Today, the Giannis D rests in three distinct parts - the Bows, Amidships, and Stern.
This wreck has become a playground for divers of all levels due to its fascinating features and accessible depth range.

Giannis D Wreck  Location:
The Giannis D wreck lies in the Red Sea, just 120 minutes from El Gouna.

It's situated 200 meters northwest corner of Shaab Abu Nuhas, promising a captivating dive experience. 

Giannis D Shipwreck  Depth:
The Giannis D offers diving experiences suitable for all levels of divers.

The depth ranges from 6 meters to 28 meters, making it accessible to a wide range of enthusiasts.

This dive site is sheltered within a natural bay, providing protection from strong winds and waves, making it a year-round diving destination.
However, it's important to note that occasional strong currents can be present, which can make it an ideal spot for more experienced divers.

With remarkable visibility, often reaching up to 40 meters, divers can fully appreciate the shipwreck and its captivating surroundings.

Now, let's delve into the remarkable underwater attractions that await divers at the Giannis D shipwreck site.

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What do you expect to see here

Diving the Giannis D offers an enthralling journey through a myriad of captivating underwater scenes. Here are the highlights:

The Stern Section: Most divers head straight for the stern of the Giannis D. It appears as though it was cleanly severed from the rest of the ship.
At a depth of 24 meters, this section is dramatically tilted at a 45-degree angle.

Divers will find an intriguing array of features, including the bridge deck and the engine room. The intact funnel, propeller, and rudder rest on the seabed, with a ladder leading to the surface.

The bridge is an expansive, well-lit room with multiple entry points, providing a unique underwater experience.

The Bow Section: While often overlooked, the bow section of the Giannis D offers its own enchanting charm.

It rests on its port side and features the mainmast, adorned with corals, providing a stunning sight. Here, you'll discover anchors, winches, and deck fittings that have stood the test of time.

The Aft Section: Swimming eastwards along the reef, divers traverse a debris field of the ship's remains, including the port-side companionway and No 2 Mast. Various booms are scattered on the seabed.

The journey culminates at the bow section, where the mast rises towards the surface, offering an ideal place for safety stops.

The site is teeming with marine life, including glassfish, scorpionfish, wrasse, Napoleon wrasse, crocodile fish, and blue-spotted stingrays.

Photographic Opportunities: The Giannis D is a favorite among underwater photographers due to its distinctive features and excellent visibility.
There are ample opportunities to capture striking images, whether it's the iconic stern, the intricate details of the wreck, or the diverse marine life that calls this site home.

  • The Giannis D promises a dive adventure like no other. With its unique history and an abundance of marine life and underwater landscapes to explore, it's a must-visit for divers of all levels.
    Whether you're an underwater photographer seeking the perfect shot or a beginner in search of an exciting wreck to discover, the Giannis D offers a remarkable experience beneath the Red Sea's surface.

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