SSI Perfect Buoyancy

SSI Perfect Buoyancy


1 day/2 dives

Max. Depth

30 meter

Min. age

10 years


not included


digital e-learning, 2 boatdives with advanced buoyancy skills and techniques


Mastering buoyancy is the key to becoming a confident and skilled diver. With the SSI Perfect Buoyancy course at Blue Paradise in Hurghada, you'll enhance your diving experience and unlock a whole new level of underwater exploration.

Buoyancy control is not only essential for conserving energy and air, but it also plays a crucial role in protecting fragile marine ecosystems.

Our comprehensive program goes beyond the basics, focusing on fine-tuning your buoyancy techniques, so you effortlessly glide through the water with minimal impact on the environment.

Program Highlights

The SSI Perfect Buoyancy course is designed to fine-tune your buoyancy skills, ensuring you effortlessly glide through the water and maintain precise depth control.
Our experienced instructors will guide you through advanced buoyancy techniques, allowing you to hover weightlessly and capture stunning underwater photographs.

During the course, you'll practice various buoyancy scenarios, including buoyant ascents, descents, and mid-water positioning.

This hands-on approach ensures you gain the confidence and competence needed to become a buoyancy master, making every dive a more enjoyable and sustainable experience.

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Prerequisites and Requirements:

To enroll in the SSI Perfect Buoyancy course, you should be at least 10 years old and possess an adventurous spirit for diving.

This course is suitable for all divers looking to refine their buoyancy skills and make the most of every dive.


In just one day, consisting of two dives, you'll progress from basic buoyancy to becoming a master of control.

Our comprehensive program focuses on e-learning, practical application, and real-world scenarios to ensure you develop advanced buoyancy techniques efficiently.

Join the Diving Community Today:

Unlock new possibilities underwater by perfecting your buoyancy with the SSI Perfect Buoyancy course in Hurghada.
Improve body positioning, extend bottom times, and contribute to marine conservation.

Become the buoyancy expert you've always aspired to be – join us at Blue Paradise for the SSI Perfect Buoyancy course and take your diving adventures to new depths.

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SSI Perfect Buoyancy