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Instructor Development Course (IDC)

duration Duration: 9 days (excl. EFR-Instructor Course)

depth Maximum Depth: 20 meters

Minimum age: 18 years

Equipment: Not included

Program: 5 half days in shallow water/pool, 5 half days of theory in our classroom, 4 days of open water dives from our comfortable boat


Minimum age: 18 years old

Certification: PADI Divemaster or a certification at dive leader level (e.g. min 4* CMAS) and respected member (with valid membership or eligible for membership renewal) at another recognized recreational dive training organization;

Diving: 60 logged dives; demonstrated experience with night diving, deep diving and underwater navigation; 100 logged dives when participating in the Instructor Examination

First Aid: EFR Primary and Secondary Care license, not older than 2 years. EFR-I (or equivalent first aid license) when applying for your OWSI license after passing the Instructor Exam

Health: Medical clearance from a physician less than 12 months ago for diving on the day of the exam. Medical document signed by the doctor is mandatory!

Equipment: Your own diving equipment is actually a must. Your diving skills will improve if you know your own gear well.



In the PADI system, PADI Divemasters or equivalent certificates (4* CMAS) are trained to become PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors during the PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC), and obtain the instructor's license if they pass the PADI Instructor Examination (IE).

In addition to the IDC/IE, the PADI Instructor training system consists of other course programs ranging from Specialty Instructor courses to the IDC Staff Instructor course.

PADI Divemasters can complete the full IDC as one course program. During the IDC, you gain instructor-level knowledge and skills through self-study and by attending classroom classes and workshops taught by our PADI Course Director. The IDC focuses on instructor development, not assessment. This creates a low-stress environment where you can learn from your mistakes and focus on gaining knowledge and skills. You continue with the course until you can reliably meet the minimum performance requirements to take the next step after the IDC.

Because we work with small groups, you get many more opportunities to practice teaching, you get constant coaching and our Course Director is almost permanently on hand to help you out should you get "stuck" in any kind of preparation. This makes our course unique compared to other IDC's. 

You can always ask your instructor for additional explanations during the lessons and throughout the theory.The course consists of three parts:


Digital eLearning/home

You study independently with the PADI IDC eLearning. You may do this prior to the course, or already start the course and go through it section by section. This ensures that you are prepared for the course presentations and workshops.

Components you will see through eLearning:

  1. Getting started
  2. Dive theory for dive leaders
  3. PADI system overview
  4. Learning, teaching and the PADI system
  5. Discover Scuba Diving and experience programs
  6. The PADI Open Water Diver course
  7. Risk management and legal considerations
  8. Managing risks
  9. PADI quality management andlicensing
  10. Introduction to teaching presentations
  11. Teaching and reviewing theory lessons
  12. Confined water lessons
  13. Open water lessons
  14. Continuing education and dive leader courses
  15. The dive industry
  16. Teaching the Recreational Dive Planner (RDP) - required for candidates transitioning to PADI; optional for PADI members

In addition, you will participate in a number of workshops:

  1. Course orientation
  2. Workshop on Dive Theory
  3. Workshop on the PADI System
  4. Workshop on Learning and Teaching
  5. Workshop on organizing and planning an Open Water Diver course
  6. Workshop on Risk Management and Licensing
  7. Workshop on Theory Lessons and Theory Presentations by Candidates
  8. Workshop on Open Water Lessons and Open Water Lesson Presentations by Candidates (in the water)
  9. Workshop on sales techniques
  10. Closing of the course


During the training period, we continue to bring your diving skills up to standard. Through workshops and water agility exercises we refine your water skills. You will give a number of confined water presentations (at least two confined water presentations (in the water)), and achieve a minimum score of 3.4 for one of the presentations.

 In addition, you will participate in a number of workshops:

  1. Workshop on Discover Scuba Diving
  2. Workshop on Skills Training
  3. Workshop confined water sessions and presentations


 You will give a number of out-of-water presentations in which you must score a minimum 3.4 average.

 In addition, you will participate in a number of workshops:

  1. Workshop on follow-up courses
  2. Workshop on the Advanced Open Water Diver course (with deep dive scenario)
  3. Workshop on the Rescue Diver course



- Materials needed for theory. 

- Training hours

- Course fee

- Course Director fee 

The crew pack IDC - Candidate includes the following items:

  1. PADI Instructor Manual
  2. PADI's Guide to Teaching
  3. IDC eLearning
  4. PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy, Coral Reef Conservation and Project AWARE Specialty Instructor's Manual
  5. Recreational Dive Planner - RDP table and the eRDPml, including the instructions for use.
  6. PADI skills exercise booklet and dive planning booklet
  7. The Quizzes and exam of the Open Water Diver course
  8. Rescue Diver Exam Booklet
  9. Divemaster Exam Booklet
  10. Underwater slates from the Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, Rescue Diver and Divemaster courses, and from the Discover Scuba Diving program
  11. Skills Preparation Slate
  12. Diving Knowledge Workbook or the Diving Theory eDossier eLearning


- PADI Open Water Diver Manual of eLearning 

- PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Manual of eLearning

- PADI Rescue Diver Manual of eLearning 

- PADI Divemaster Manual of eLearning

- The Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving

- Insurance

- Food and beverages 

- Any additional class hours needed to reach the mandatory level. 

- PADI application fees (IDC and IE). These are paid directly to PADI during the course*

- Instructor Examination Application Fee. These are paid directly to PADI before the start of the exam.**

- Application fee for AI certification (optional)***

To get approved as OWSI in teaching status after the Instructor Examination, you must also have the EFR-Instructor certification. This certification can also be obtained in our center after following the EFR-Instructor course

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