SSI Scuba Diver Course

SSI Scuba Diver Course


2 days

Max. Depth

12 meter

Min. age

10 years




3 theory sessions e-learning, 2 skill sessions in shallow water, 2 open water dives from our comfortable boat


Embark on an exciting underwater adventure with the SSI Scuba Diver Course at Blue Paradise Dive Centre in Hurghada.

This program provides the perfect foundation for becoming a confident and safe diver, allowing you to explore the mesmerizing underwater world.

With a combination of online learning, shallow water dives, and open water training, you'll gain the essential skills to scuba dive up to 12 meters deep alongside an experienced SSI Professional.

Program Highlights

  • Convenient Online Learning: Start your scuba diving journey by creating a MySSI profile and accessing training materials, logbook, and certification cards through the user-friendly MySSI App or website.

  • Master Essential Skills: Enhance your scuba diving skills through hands-on training with our experienced SSI Professionals.
    During two skill sessions in shallow water, you'll learn and practice crucial techniques under controlled conditions.
    Gain confidence in your abilities as you become proficient in essential diving skills, ensuring your safety and enjoyment during future dives.

  • Thrilling Open Water Dives: Experience the thrill of exploring the open water with two unforgettable dives from our comfortable boat.
    Accompanied by our knowledgeable instructors, you'll apply your newly acquired knowledge and skills in a real-world environment.
    Dive up to 12 meters deep and marvel at the breathtaking underwater landscapes of Hurghada, discovering its vibrant marine life and fascinating ecosystems.

  • Flexible Certification Path: The SSI Scuba Diver Course serves as a solid foundation for your scuba diving journey. Upon completion, you will receive the Scuba Diver certification, which allows you to dive up to 12 meters under the supervision of a dive professional. 

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Prerequisites and Requirements:

  • Technical Requirements: Start your training journey by creating a MySSI profile. Download the MySSI App on your iOS or Android device or register via the SSI website. This convenient app allows you to access training materials, certification cards, and your personal logbook online or offline, all in one secure location.

  • Medical & Administrative Requirements: Before participating in the SSI training program, each student must complete the necessary SSI Training Record Forms. For minor participants, these forms must be reviewed and signed by a parent or guardian.


The SSI Scuba Diver Course at Blue Paradise Dive Centre spans two unforgettable days. Our comprehensive program includes three theory sessions through e-learning, allowing you to delve into the fascinating world of scuba diving.

You'll also participate in two skill sessions in shallow water, honing your abilities under the guidance of our SSI expert instructors. All necessary scuba diving equipment is provided, ensuring your comfort and safety throughout the course.

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Unlock the thrill of scuba diving and discover a captivating world beneath the surface. Experience weightlessness, encounter exotic species, and immerse yourself in new environments.
The SSI Scuba Diver Course offers an unforgettable journey into a completely new realm, where every breath reveals a sense of wonder. Take the plunge and start your scuba diving adventure with Blue Paradise Dive Centre in Hurghada.

Create your MySSI profile, enroll in the SSI Scuba Diver Course, and explore the magic of the underwater world. Contact us today to begin your unforgettable diving experience!

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SSI Scuba Diver Course