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Our boat departs from the private marina Adan Beach (situated between Pickalbatros Blue Spa Resort & Grand Palace Resort), centrally situated in Hurghada. We provide transfers using our own busses driven by safe and punctual drivers. Complimentary transfers are available for locations within a 10 km radius of our marina, with a supplement for distances beyond that. Alternatively, guests are welcome to arrange their own transportation to our marina using taxis, Uber or Careem. Transfers cannot be booked online. After making your reservation and payment online (deposit of 25%), you will receive an email detailing any remaining balance, additional information required, and the question or the request if you would like to use our transfers.
If you utilize our transfer service, kindly await at the hotel's exterior gate, facing the street.

NOTE: If your hotel is not listed below, please Contact Us
HotelAreaDistance From Our Marina
Free Or Supplement
price (per day per person)
Minimum Pax
Pickalbatros Blu SpaHurghada0,5 KMFREEN/A
Grand Palace ResortHurghada0.7 KMFREEN/A
Giftun AzurHurghada0.85 KMFREEN/A
Pickalbatros White BeachHurghada0.9 KMFREEN/A
Giftun Azur BeachHurghada0.95 KMFREEN/A
Sol Y MarHurghada01,3 KMFREEN/A
Siva Grand BeachHurghada01,4 KMFREEN/A
Serry Beach ResortHurghada01,6 KMFREEN/A
Sindbad Club / BeachHurghada02,0 KMFREEN/A
The Grand ResortHurghada02,6 KMFREEN/A
Aqua JoyHurghada02,6 KMFREEN/A
Steigenberger Aqua MagicHurghada02,7 KMFREEN/A
MarriottHurghada03,1 KMFREEN/A
Royal Lagoons AquaparkHurghada03,3 KMFREEN/A
Casa Del Mar ResortHurghada03,6 KMFREEN/A
Swiss InnHurghada03,9 KMFREEN/A
Jaz Casa Del Mar BeachHurghada04,0 KMFREEN/A
Steigenberger Pure LifeHurghada04,4 KMFREEN/A
Steigenberger Al DauHurghada04,5 KMFREEN/A
ContinentalHurghada04,5 KMFREEN/A
Lilly AppartmentHurghada04,6 KMFREEN/A
Holidays ResortHurghada05,0 KMFREEN/A
Sky ViewHurghada05,0 KMFREEN/A
Bella VistaHurghada05,0 KMFREEN/A
Redcon SuitesHurghada05,1 KMFREEN/A
Dexon RomaHurghada05,2 KMFREEN/A
Royal Star Empire BeachHurghada05,8 KMFREEN/A
Zya ReginaHurghada06,2 KMFREEN/A
MinamarkHurghada06,4 KMFREEN/A
The Boutique HotelHurghada06,4 KMFREEN/A
MercureHurghada06,9 KMFREEN/A
Pickalbatros Palace ResortHurghada07,3 KMFREEN/A
Beach AlbatrosHurghada07,5 KMFREEN/A
Pickalbatros Aqua ParkHurghada08,2 kmFREEN/A
Aqua BluHurghada08,3 KMFREEN/A
Pickalbatros Aqua VistaHurghada08,4 KMFREEN/A
Titanic RoyalHurghada08,4 KMFREEN/A
Ali Baba PalaceHurghada09,2 KMFREEN/A
Crystal BayHurghada09,3 KMFREEN/A
Sentido MamloukHurghada09,6 KMFREEN/A
ArabiaHurghada09,9 KMFREEN/A
ArabellaHurghada09,9 KMFREEN/A
Pickalbatros Dana BeachHurghada10,0 KM€ 3N/A
Desert RoseHurghada11,0 KM€ 3N/A
MerakiHurghada11,0 KM€ 3N/A
Calimera Blend ParadiseHurghada11,0 KM€ 3N/A
Blend Club Aqua ResortHurghada11,0 KM€ 3N/A
Palm InnHurghada11,0 KM€ 3N/A
Royal Star EmpireHurghada11,0 KM€ 3N/A
Bel AirHurghada11,0 KM€ 3N/A
Titanic Resort & AquaparkHurghada12,0 KM€ 3N/A
Jaz AquamarineHurghada12,0 KM€ 3N/A
Titanic Beach & PalaceHurghada12,0 KM€ 3N/A
Alf Leila Wa LeilaHurghada12,0 KM€ 3N/A
Sea Star Beau RivageHurghada12,0 KM€ 3N/A
Pickalbatros Neverland AquaparkHurghada12,0 KM€ 3N/A
Jaz Bluemarine ResortHurghada12,0 KM€ 3N/A
Pharaoh Azur ResortHurghada12,0 KM€ 3N/A
Jasmine PalaceHurghada13,0 KM€ 3N/A
Hilton PlazaHurghada13,0 KM€ 3N/A
Pickalbatros Jungle AquaparkHurghada13,0 KM€ 3N/A
Sky Star VillasHurghada14,0 KM€ 3N/A
Hurghada Long BeachHurghada14,0 KM€ 3N/A
Mubarak 7Hurghada17,0 KM€ 42
Palm BeachHurghada19,0 KM€ 42
La Boutique InnHurghada20,0 KM€ 42
Turtles Beach ResortHurghada21,0 KM€ 52
Bellagio Beach ResortHurghada24,0 KM€ 52
Palma Vision ResortHurghada25,0 KM€ 52
Three Corners Sunny BeachHurghada26,0 KM€ 62
OberoiSahl Hasheesh16,0 KM€ 42
Pickabatros CitadelSahl Hasheesh18,0 KM€ 42
KaiSol Romance ResortSahl Hasheesh20,0 KM€ 42
Baron PalaceSahl Hasheesh25,0 KM€ 52
Premier Le ReveSahl Hasheesh25,0 KM€ 52
Jaz Aqua VivaMakadi Bay26,0 KM€ 62
Fort ArabesqueMakadi Bay28,0 KM€ 62
Sunrise Royal MakadiMakadi Bay28,0 KM€ 62
Sunrise TucanaMakadi Bay28,0 KM€ 62
Steigenberger MakadiMakadi Bay28,0 KM€ 62
Iberotel Makadi BeachMakadi Bay29,0 KM€ 62
The Grand MakadiMakadi Bay29,0 KM€ 62
Grand WaterworldMakadi Bay29,0 KM€ 62
Stella Gardens ResortMakadi Bay30,0 KM€ 62
Serenity Makadi BeachMakadi Bay33,0 KM€ 72
Labranda Royal MakadiMakadi Bay33,0 KM€ 72
Three Corners RihannaEl gouna29,0 KM€ 62
Steigenberger Golf ResortEl gouna37,0 KM€ 82
Sultan BeyEl gouna38,0 KM€ 82
Cook's ClubEl gouna38,0 KM€ 82
Sheraton Miramar ResortEl gouna39,0 KM€ 82
Turtles InnEl gouna39,0 KM€ 82
MovenpickEl gouna39,0 KM€ 82
Club ParadisoEl gouna39,0 KM€ 82
The ChediEl gouna39,0 KM€ 82
Casa CookEl gouna42,0 KM€ 92