Ras Disha

Ras Disha

Dive Site Overview

Depth: 9 - 18 m M Diffculty: Intermediate Type:

If you're seeking a mesmerizing dive experience, Ras Disha, nestled in the north of Makadi Bay near Hurghada, is a must-visit dive site in the Red Sea.

Blue Paradise, your premier dive center in Hurghada, invites you to discover the wonders of Ras Disha's underwater realm.

Location and Accessibility:
Ras Disha is conveniently accessible by a 25-minute boat ride from Makadi Bay.

It is situated in the northern region and offers a tranquil escape into the heart of the Red Sea's marine beauty.

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Depth and Drop-off:
With depths ranging from 9 to 18 meters, Ras Disha provides a versatile dive experience.

The site features a captivating drop-off, adding an exciting dimension to your underwater journey.

Despite occasional strong currents, Ras Disha's Bay offers shelter, making it suitable for divers of all levels.

Whether you're a novice or an experienced diver, Ras Disha welcomes you with open arms.

What do you expect to see here

Macro Paradise:
For macro enthusiasts, Ras Disha is a true paradise. Dive into the main reef or explore the coral garden, discovering the intricate marine life that calls this underwater oasis home.

Pinnacles and Marine Life:
The site boasts a shallow plateau adorned with pinnacles and an elliptical erg.

As you drift along the wall, encounter an array of marine life—bannerfish, butterflyfish, parrotfish, and surgeonfish dance close to the wall, creating a vibrant spectacle.

Caverns and Glassfish:
Explore the punctuated pinnacles and their caverns, bursting with glassfish.

Witness the hunting prowess of scorpionfish, stonefish, trevally, lionfish, and groupers. Gobies and shrimps stand guard in their burrows, adding to the enchantment.

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Experience the Magic with Blue Paradise Dive Centre

Embark on a drift dive along the wall to the north, starting from the beacon on the main reef. 

Alternatively, dive from the mooring network, tour the drop-off and circle over the plateau, passing picturesque pinnacles along the way.

No prior experience with scuba diving is required, but you can try it first through a Try dive
Marine Life Extravaganza:
Ras Disha promises an extravaganza of marine life: encounter blue-spotted stingrays, octopuses, threadfin breams, and graceful turtles.

The main reef is a habitat for crocodilefish, lionfish, and grouper, and a rich diversity of soft and hard corals.

Invitation from Blue Paradise:
As you immerse yourself in the wonders of Ras Disha, Blue Paradise extends an invitation.

Join us for scuba diving courses, thrilling dive activities, and snorkeling trips in Hurghada. Let the allure of Ras Disha Dive Site be the beginning of your underwater adventure with Blue Paradise.

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